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Saturday, December 15, 2012


When do you use quotation marks, how many, and where? Forget the “rules” you were fed in school. Many options are available to suit the inventive writer.

Standard/Normal/Ho-hum maybe:
Double quote-dialog-double unquote — “What do you mean, choice?” you ask. (New paragraph) “You have options,” I say.

Standard/Normal/Ho-hum quote within a quote“Someone will tell you ‘Listen to me,’ and you have to listen.’’

Standard/Normal/Ho-hum quote that is not dialogThe word you want is “choice”. (punctuation outside the mark) 

Single quote-dialog-single unquote — ‘You Brits do it this way.’ (New paragraph) ‘Yes. Neah, neah, neah, U.S.’

Eliminate quotation marks — What do you mean, choice? I'm suggesting options to you.

(You decide how to handle dialog quotations. I’m waiting to hear your ideas.)

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