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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Travel Farther; Think Further

The farther you travel from home, the more you further your education.
You  climb further in reputation the farther you go away from home ground.

Why does further/farther confuse so many people when the key to remember is the simple word “far”? When posed with the questions, think of distance covered.

When referring to physical distance, use farther, pertaining to something you can enumerate in inches, feet, miles, kilometers, or knots.

When referring to a nonphysical or metaphorical advancement, use further, such as talking about increasing (reputation, education, career, benefits).

So, to further your education, and possibly your career, you can stay put and study diligently while building your reputation. To travel farther than another, you’ll need a vehicle to cross the miles or light years or leagues across the sea.

Got it? No further discussion.

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