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Thursday, July 7, 2011

What’s the rule about “none was” or “none were”?

"Rule"??? Puleez don’t use that word with me! Some linguist pronounced grandly a “rule” that none must be treated as singular: “none is...”. Then along came another linguist who said, “No, none can be either singular or plural.” Once again the GA says, “Record your guideline and use it as you deem appropriate.” None of her children were boys. (Plural) OR: None of her daughter’s whims was reasonable. (Singular)


Bettyjane said...

None is the same as "no one" and that is singular. Sorry, can't agree with you.

The Grammar Anarchist said...

Good for you! When you start agreeing with everything you're told, you have lost your right to object. Think for yourself!