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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hom/ning In on All-told/tolled/toled/totaled

When you get near, do you “home in” or “hone in”? Home as in “heading for home” or hone, as in “fine-tuning” or “advancing toward a target”?

And when you add it all up, is your bottom line all told (as in “finished”), all tolled (as in “all rung up”), or all toled or all totaled, (as in “summed up”)?

Sorry, can’t help you! This is another of your decisions. How did you learn it? How do you use it?
(Exit Stage Left, muttering: “Crazy language!”)

2 comments: said...

How come ya don't know. Ain't you sposed to be the big grammer guru?

The Grammar Anarchist said...

Ya got it wrong, kid. I'm the one "challenging" the grammar gurus. You're the one who knows what you want to do with (or to) our language. And if you want to murder it, go ahead, TRY!