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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Magic-O Guideline

Tomato / tomatos; hero / heros; allegro / allegros; piano / pianos. No need to be bamboozled by which o-nouns are made plural with “s” and which use “es”. Simplify your writing life: adopt The Anarchist's Magic-O Guideline. Just...say...“os”. I've never met an o-noun that loses its identity with this guideline.


sica said...

You gotta be kidding!!! I keep a list handy of which is which - o-words that take an "e" and o-words that don't. My college professors will flip out!!!!!

The Grammar Anarchist said...

Tell your prof to "chill", and talk to me. I'll straighten out the poor befuddled instructor.

David J. said...

I learned that musical nouns ending in o do not use an e, but a bunch of other ones do.